Bretagne éternelle par Ghislaine FÉREC


THE SPECIAL PHOTOS EDITIONS  propel you into the secret backstage where the heart of the Breton peninsula beats, divided into "portfolios" to the rhythm of its flora, its fauna, its luxuriant landscapes, its panoramic ocean views, its historical heritage, its granite mansions and manor houses, its architecture, its customs ... for privileged moments closer to this land and its people.

Access the different Special photos editions on ligne of BRETAGNE ÉTERNELLE and discover, through my photographer's eye, the phantasmagorical universe of mythical and legendary Brittany.


Between the lactescent halos of the moon born from the obscure mysteries of the night and the nitescent flashes of the sun hatched in the source of the lights, raise your dreams and chimeras to the top of these celestial secrets to inspire the shadow and expire the light !

To discover the portfolio CELESTIAL SECRETS OF BRITTANY, start the video by clicking on the picture.

Close your eyes and let yourself be penetrated by this undulating magic, this capricious light and impalpable mysteries to discover the greedy sweetness of tomorrows full of promises on the threshold of the year 2023! Bloavezh Mat 2023 !

To discover the portfolio HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 IN BRITTANY, start the video by clicking on the picture.


In the dark winter months, Brittany dons the warm light of illuminated facades in incandescent polychrome, exhaling the scent of sweet desires while spreading the aura of its light to sublimate the nightly strolls OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC!

To discover the portfolio CHRISTMAS MAGIC IN BRITTANY, start the video by clicking on the picture.

In the depths of the forgotten customs of heads carved in turnips or beets by children in Finistère at the beginning of the 20th century on the eve of All Saints' Day, Samhain opens the door to the dark period.the door to the NEXT WORLD.

To discover the portfolio SAMHAIN IN BRITTANY, start the video by clicking on the picture.

A source of inspiration for the artist and a choice of the heart for our sensory and emotional adventures, the SACRED EMPYREAN OF BRITTANY is, for the time of a fleeting story, the padded stole of spidery intemperances in melodies of absolute sfumato !

To discover the portfolio "SACRED EMPYREAN OF BRITTANY", start the video by clicking on the picture.

Angular and threatening shapes of granite cliffs, hostile wild nature undulating between lights and shadows, Brittany has sealed its posture of INDOMPTEE REBEL since time immemorial. Overlooking the ocean, fearless and reckless, the vertiginous GRANITE GIANTS attest to their Resistance stamping their mystical grandeur with mists and ethereal veils.

To discover the portfolio "MYSTERIOUS COASTS OF BRITTANY", start the video by clicking on the picture.

To the rhythm of the swell, pushed by the winds and the currents, the LEGENDARY SAILBOATS IN BRITTANY foam with panache the imagination of the most daring persons, in the hissing of the wooden hull, the hissing of the halyards and the flapping of the sails captured by the wind.

To discover the portfolio SAILING BOATS OF BRITTANY, CLICK HERE or on the photo.

On the paths of mythology in Brittany, the sun hugs the sinuous curves of the horizons with ascendancy, passing from amber to dark in the spectral wisps of the night, thus revealing the mysterious arcanas of moonlight. In stormy weather, tuned to furious scales, lightning chases rainbows to write new life stories.

To discover the portfolio THE SKIES OF BRITTANY, CLICK HERE or on the photo.


Dance your dreams in the play of chiaroscuro and transparency, from corolla to corolla on the sensual waves of the wild moors suspended from the watercoloured horizons of Brittany, to the tune of the flights of the sacred insects of Brittany, SWEETNESS AND DIALOGUE WITH NATURE!

To discover the portfolio INSECTS OF BRITTANY, CLICK HERE or on the photo.

In this TEMPLE OF VEILED DARKNESS of places of magnificence, beats the pulse of a nebulous and dark universe where time is suspended to make way for the SEPULCHRAL HOLD OF THE FORESTS OF BRITTANY!

To discover the portfolio BRITTANY'S FORESTS, CLICK HERE or on the photo.

According to efflorescent palpitations, sovereign of the splendor of shimmering empyreans and metaphysical dialogues with Nature, Brittany is told in sheaves of colors crowned with cerulescent petals, audacious hues at the whim of indigo and sparkling violets. THE POETRY OF COLORS IN BRETON SYMPHONIES!

To discover the portfolio FLOWERS OF BRITTANY, CLICK HERE or on the photo.

Between supernatural light and autumnal mist, Brittany harmonizes its ethereal splendor on the symphonic thread of its mystical forests, its oceanic scratches and the Celtic spirit of its country landscapes. A sensory journey in the sacred breath of magnificence. 

To discover the portfolio MISTS OF BRITTANY, CLICK HERE or on the photo.